May 16, 2022


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Baldness, according to an English court, is considered sexual harassment


According to an English court, it is clear that commenting on the baldness of a more or less advanced colleague is equivalent to commenting on the size of a woman’s breast.

Calling a man ‘bald’ in the workplace is tantamount to sexual harassment, according to a UK employment tribunal ruling. The English court considers this word to describe a person as a form of discrimination. “The Guardian” report. Clearly, commenting on the baldness of a more or less advanced colleague is tantamount to commenting on a woman’s breast size. Even more surprising was the fact that the three magistrates behind the decision lamented the lack of their own hair.

In the aftermath of this decision, an electrician complained. Tony Finn has worked for British Pung for over 24 years. After he was fired, the former employee complained to the company. He said his supervisor called him a “bald cunt.” According to English, physical hurt is more hurtful than shame.

The judges considered baldness to be more prevalent in men, so it was associated with sexual intercourse. So Tony Finn will be compensated by his company. The amount to be paid has not yet been determined.

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