May 16, 2022


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Berbignon: Trax / Warrington: Nearly fifty English supporters “cool” before kick-off

Four hours before the meeting of the Catalan Dragons and Wolves of Warrington on the lawn of Gilbert-Brutus Stadium (Day 12 of the Super League Championship), British supporters occupied the terrace of the Cafe de la Post. Atmosphere below the sun.

Dressed in yellow and blue, the pair hastily join a desk set up on the terrace of the inevitable Grand Caf டி de la Post, at the foot of the Castillet. We approach them, and they introduce themselves: Willie and Fran, in their fifties and good health and the will to fight it – by their Warrington Wolves team – at 6pm on Tracks Lawn. Willie does not speak a word of French and his wife, with a mischievous look, begins the Franco-English phrase: “Of course we will win you over! You have the best players, but ours are the best “No comment. After that we met Chris the day before, he came to Catalan Pass from his hometown of Cheshire. He also wears his club colors: yellow and sheer blue.“The first matches of the second leg are always very tense and everyone is showing their fangs (No wording!). I think the score is close. “

On Saturday afternoon, May 14, 2022, it appears that most of the troops sitting in the hotel had already had some cold drinks, despite having a bare-headed Dodger or because of it. Not too high numbers, about fifty, but give voice. Of course, groups of British supporters know how to set the mood. They hung flags bearing the motto of the Wolves of Warrington on one of the walls of the Castilet. And no need to ask them to take a photo, smile on the lips and raise the glasses in their hands.

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May the best win! (May the best succeed).