June 28, 2022


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Champions League: Two “fan zones” to prevent English and Spanish supporters from crossing the line

As the Champions League final takes place this Saturday, May 28 in the State de France (93), Paris Police Headquarters will set up two separate “fan zones” to prevent supporters from crossing the aisles.

A strategy to avoid conflicts between Liverpool and Real Madrid supporters. “During the Champions League final, various activities are carried out by the Paris Police Headquarters (PP). Smooth movement of the crowd And guarantee the safety of spectators and supporters around the State de France and fan zones, “the PP was quoted as saying on Thursday, May 26.

To UK supporters

As planned, there will be the first “fan zone” Course de Vincennes was founded (12th) For English supporters who do not have a match ticket.

Up to 44,000 people can stay in this open space “from early afternoon until the end of the competition” where entertainment will be provided and there will be food and drink.

Keep in mind that English supporters who have tickets are invited to go “as soon as possible” on Saturday to the State de France, where they can access the stands.

To Spanish supporters

While waiting for their turn, the Spanish supporters will be with the match ticket He said In the second “fan zone” (93) located very close to the State de France in the Legion of Honor Park in Saint-Denis.

There, from noon to 6 pm, the site will be dedicated to welcoming Real Madrid supporters with tickets for the match. Up to 6,000 of them can stay there. At 6 p.m., they will be invited to join the State de France to watch the match.

Finally, keep in mind that this second “fan zone” will be open to previously registered residents in the city of Saint-Denis (93).

Reinforced security system

The meeting will be held with high security as the Paris Police Headquarters has already announced that “6,800 police and soldiers will be deployed”. […] Ensure the smooth movement of the crowd, ensure the safety of goods and people in Paris and Saint-Denis, and implement measures taken for this purpose.

Among them, security boundaries must be respected. From 12 noon on Saturday, the surroundings of the State de France will be “accessible only to ticket holders”. For the gameResidents and beneficiaries, as well as those with a legitimate family or professional reason ”.

As for the Champs-Elysées sector in Paris, which is known as the place where football victories are celebrated, “neither Spanish supporters nor English supporters have access”, and it says, “This Thursday, May 26 from Sunday, May 29 at 6 p.m.

The strike on RER B will disrupt the order on the final day of the Champions League.

Finally, it should be noted that outside of these two “fan zones”, drinking on public roads is strictly prohibited. State de France. You can drink wine inside the stadium from 6 pm until the end of the match.

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