June 28, 2022


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Why do the French find it so difficult to learn foreign languages?

“Brian is in the kitchen”. For many, this simple sentence taken from English learning manuals refers to the very evil of French: we are useless in the practice and learning of foreign languages. “International studies show that We are not very good. But French, culturally, was once the equivalent of English today, i.e. an internationally recognized language. From then on, we had the idea that French was better than anything else. ”

For the French, the problem is primarily culture. The school, and especially its language learning methods, are often based on a lot of writing.

Create interest in the practice of a language

“I think it’s wrong to focus more on learning than on practicing the language. Irregular verbs, grammar, syntax, I think this is important, but it’s something very disturbing, and it’s very bad. And it prevents you from falling in love with a language,” said the UTUP teacher Super Heco explains.The ultimate guide to learning everything and becoming a superhero. “.

For the practitioner to be comfortable with the practice of one language, bilingual or simply, you must first gain an interest and love. Therefore, at school or elsewhere, it is essential to create an interest before starting.

How can you forget your “French accent”?

One of the biggest barriers to speaking another language, for example English, is often Lack of pronunciation control. We are ashamed, we do not have the courage, we are afraid to be misunderstood or ridiculed. But for Brigitte Lallement and Super Heco, only the meaning of one sentence counts: we understand and express.

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But what if you are ashamed to speak? “I think it’s often emotionally. You’m used to talking to people with this illness, this restlessness. But you can do it little by little. Practice making sentences alone at home and then speak this language. In a situation with a loved one and finally strangers,” says Super Hego. .

Keep up the pace of training

It is also necessary to have a certain rhythm. If the language learned is used in a professional or personal environment, there are more opportunities to practice it and maintain the level of acquisition. On the other hand, if you learn a completely new language in six months, Super Heco recommends practicing it for at least an hour a week.

For his part, Brigitte Lelement suggests going on a transfer or a trip to the country of origin of the language, but you still have ways. Otherwise, Applications are growing Learn from home and communicate with native speakers everywhere.

Learn languages ​​to train your brain

Aside from social benefits, learning a language is very good for the brain. “It’s like a game you play for your body, but not for your mind. Many people stop learning after a while, which is why cells age and neurons age. Diseases like Alzheimer ‘can come. It allows you to recover from a number of ailments once you are done, “explains Super Heco.

In this brain gymnastics, it is easy for children of immigrant descent to learn new languages, including bilingualism in French and the native language of one of the parents. For Brigitte Lallement though, it has to be proven.

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