April 23, 2024


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Parents of students are seeking an English teacher at Le-Corre College in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

Parents of students are seeking an English teacher at Le-Corre College in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

We are looking for an English teacher. This announcement did not come from national education, but from parents The teacher was angry that it had not been changed. From March 15, one-third of students Raymond-Lay-Core College, No more English lessons in Equeurdreville (Cherbourg-en-Cotentin). The FCPE, the parents’ association of students, has begun calling for applications to find alternatives.

122 middle school students could not speak English for 30 hours

“Our students cannot be left without a lesson”Carolyn Allion, FCPE Representative for the College, explains. Five classes of 4 and 3 Are concerned. “Everyone will have less than 30 hours of lessons, which is great! 4th graders will drop out of school, 3rd graders will not get a score in the third semester, which is a problem for those who want to apply for Euro classes. The exam is done on the high school file.”She is sorry.

Carolyn Allianz, FCPE – The Rector has no way of appointing alternatives

If this non-existent author is not replaced, it is not Not the fault of the college. “The rector has no means of replacement because the ministry has removed so many posts in recent years that alternative forces are on the way out.”Represents parents of students who sigh. “It’s particularly worrying.” The professor’s sick leave will end on June 2, but may continue.

Five applications were received from the parents of the students

After sending a letter to the Rector of La Manche on May 12 and to the DSDEN (Direction of Departmental Services of National Education), without a reply, the parents of the students came up with the idea. Find an alternative for themselves. To find the right person, start calling for applications through media and social networks. “At some point, you have to find a solution. If nothing can be done by the rector, we are looking for it.”

The FCPE thus received five applications, which were forwarded to the Rector. Parents now hope that one of the candidates will soon teach their children. When contacted this Wednesday, May 25, Rectorate and DSDEN did not respond to our requests.

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