May 20, 2022


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In Lyon, an English chef markets 100% vegan foie gras

For three years Leon-based home and event cook, Toby Hunt has landed in 100% Vegan Foie Cross production. A recipe based on coconut oil, cashew nuts, soy sauce, spices and herbs, washed down with white wine and whiskey. He baptized it as “Fair Cross”, which in English means fair. A surprising combination he hopes to attract new brethren even in the capital of gastronomy. “My goal is that we all eat something together. We use time together, we spend time at the table, there is no need to create a big discussion between people. This is my goal with the kitchen, and I want to enjoy something that everyone at the table believes is good“, Explains the young chef.

Consistency, texture, at first glance, not much with traditional foie gras. And what about the taste? Our team France3 Georges Rainon, a Charlotte-caterer in Lyon and an expert at Foie Cross, went on to taste this recipe: “My first impression is that I eat good and that is true. Now, I’m not feeling like eating real foie gras. In my opinion, it’s like a muse, good, but to say it’s comparable to a foie gras, no, I do not think so.“, Annoys the feeder.

If you want to give it a try, Toby Hunt sells his Fair Cross, Plain or Truffles directly at his lab in Lyon’s 6th Circle. On the Internet, As well as many organic stores in the metropolis, but also Paris and Avignon. Finally, if you want to do it yourself, be aware that like the French star chef, you can find many recipes for fake foie gras (often called “fox cross”) on the internet. Alexis GaudierOwner of Soho Gauthier Restaurant in London.

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