May 27, 2022


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Conley. Immersed in the 4th and 3rd English of Andre Peugeot College

4ᵉ, 30 group takes the pose. © College Andre Peugeot

Off March 21st Monday to Friday 25th, 46 students Of 4ᵉ and 3ᵉ Of Middle school Andre-Biojer in Conley participated in the immersion in English at the Music Center in Baugé-en-Anjou.

They have traditionally stayed because of ill health Britain, Could not be arranged. But English teachers were keen to provide an alternative for students so they could practice the language in context.

Disconnect from networks and improve human relationships Staying without a mobile phone. Memories were made with traditional cameras and communicated to parents through the college blog.

Oral communication

Staying focused on oral communication in English. Understanding, expression, communication in the context of cultural, artistic, historical, sports and culinary discoveries.

In the presence of 3 English teachers the youth benefited from a serious linguistic bath and a strict exchange in English.

The various workshops provided gave them the opportunity to explore the monuments of London. As well as to the great delight of the English the students often returned to help themselves with fish and chips.

The tradition of the last evening ascent was respected

In addition to the workshops, there were evenings with Englishmen, visiting the Chateau de Box, various challenges, a treasure hunt, an orienteering course, always in English, of course!

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Organized a tour: Arianis Sardier, Stephanie Billard Nicholas Fiat and M. With Ocean. Completed by three Englishmen: TOM, Jess and Zai.

“This stay was a great success because it not only allowed the students to learn to live in a community, but also to give the youth confidence in speaking English. We even noticed the students speaking English to each other in their spare time,” concludes Ariyanis Sardier.

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