May 18, 2022


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Kamil Gottin, notorious for his past as an English teacher: “I found the words”

காமில் காட்டின் Of course “Bitch“She is well known in France, but undoubtedly very talented. The 43-year-old actress has come a long way since her first step on the iconic screen. Support roles followed until the series was dedicated. Ten percent, Exported overseas, in which he plays Andrea, one of ASK’s agents with a strong character. Since then, we have not stopped at Kamil Forest. The actress has starred with some of the biggest names in France and abroad. He is opposite Lady Gaga Gucci’s house And Matt Damon Still waterIt recently gave him access to the MET Gala, one of the most prestigious events across the Atlantic.

But Camille kept her feet on the ground in the woods. This Monday, May 9th, he was a guest To you c For Heroic hearts, His next film, French This, was directed by Mona Achache. For Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine, the opportunity to return to the wonderful international opportunities that Camille Cote won, thanks to her impeccable English, was no accident.

His desires for comedy were realized with the support of Camille Forest’s parents, yet he imposed one condition: that of study. Star of Ten percent So he got a master’s degree in English, which led to him becoming an English teacher for a while. But in this case, he was, in his words, far from shining in the film: “Because I was so young and not legal, I could not say ‘I do not know’ when [les élèves] He asked me a word so I could find one that would not lose face. “

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One of them once asked him how.Plastic surgeryShe said to herself in English, to which she had no answer.I had a little conscience so I checked in the evening and the next day I called that student and said ‘I said American,‘ Plastic Surgery ’in English.

That story made the team laugh To you c And the first in the Camille forest. While Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine’s congratulations for this course on national education, Anna and Lyon’s mother expressed their appreciation and directed them as accurately as possible: “I don’t know if they learned English very honestly. But anyway, I kept them well! I have great respect for national education and teachers. This is a beautiful job and not everyone can do it.“Beyond all that, we are convinced that Camille Forest is number one in the hearts of her alumni.