May 16, 2022


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Learn English in Scandinavia from high school

Why sink into Scandinavian high school?

Scandinavian culture is famous in many ways for its design, its art of living, its talented writers, its series, but also its politics and corporate avant-garde. Education is no exception. In fact, quality is found at the educational level, both high and towards personal development, and through the activities of the school program.

For the past two years, CEI has been offering three new locations where English and Scandinavian can be combined (dare to start with the basics, drowning out the rest!): Go to Sweden, Denmark and Norway!

Nature is easy to access in each of these countries and allows you to experience many activities in the mountains (ski slopes and hiking), beaches, fishing harbors, islands … Scandinavian historical heritage, modern architecture in large cities and small colorful villages. Hopeful city tours!

> Quality education system in exceptional setting

Outdoor activities and the natural environment in all weathers (or almost!) Allow you to live a quality linguistic, cultural and human experience.

Even if we choose to go SwedenTo do Denmark Or inside Norway, Some courses are conducted in the local language and others in English. Advance preparation and Total immersion Benefit from the lessons will allow you to get used to it without any problems.

Classes in high school are relaxed and based on student-teacher confidence, which allows you to gain autonomy.

Since extracurricular activities are not linked to high school, high school students meet at clubs and enjoy welcoming young foreigners (football, volleyball, tennis, swimming, music, etc.).

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The sober context of the lessons and the short, rhythmic days facilitate learning. Students are expected to be active and not shy to express themselves.

Benefit from dual language learning

Means immersion in Scandinavian high school Two language experiences in one !

Immersion in a Danish, Norwegian or Swedish high school would be the perfect opportunity to practice English on a daily basis: in fact, English training continues outside of class, and host families speak English well.

Once the brain enters this linguistic gymnastics, nothing can stop it!

One Stimulates personal goal And it would be very useful to consider his schooling: two more languages, self-confidence, autonomy, maturity and open-mindedness are important in his CV.

Educational level required to leave for Sweden, Denmark * or Norway: Third, second or first.
Departure for the 2022/2023 school year: September 2022.
Possible length of stay: One to three months, one semester or one school year.

3 days / 2 nights in Copenhagen added in September.

With departures in September, it is easy to arrange now to prepare for the future destination country language. To learn more, visit the

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> About IEC

Since 1947 the Center d’Échanges Internationaux has been investing in the construction of shelters that promote the teaching of languages ​​and foster openness to other cultures and community life. Each project is based on an educational program that delights all, young and old.

Since then, CEI has been the only group offering a wide range of benefits, from summer camps to jobs / internships abroad, such as English courses, study abroad, language stay or activities. Cultural and sporting activities that are integrated during the trip.

Each of these projects aims to open young people in particular to the richness and diversity of other cultures.

All of these functions are customizable, for the experience created by tailors.

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