June 19, 2024


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Triumph Speed ​​Triple RR: Strong English Coffee

In the photo as well as in real life, the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR is a little amazing. While we can already appreciate the many qualities of the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RS (over 3,900 units sold in 6 months career and Triumph is struggling), it goes one step further in terms of presentation, equipment and perceived quality. In every detail, we see the concern for the glossy finish of the English brand. Only the clutch cable that goes in front of the bottom of the digital instrument is temporarily annoying to the eye, while the rest are strong and particularly noticeably fluid.

199 kg declared all the whole facts, so in the “normal” and non-standard life is definitely a little more than 200 kg, one finds himself with the lightest weight of sorts in the hands. Halfway between the size of the Street Triple 765 and the older Speed ​​1050s, the 1200 showed its sophistication, but its engine could not be fully equipped, was acceptably lighter, but wider at the level of some crankcases. The 1,160cc 3-cylinder unit still exists, showing the same characteristics as the Roadster, so the same power of 180 hp obtained at 10,750 rpm, with a maximum torque of 9,000 rpm at 125 Nm.

Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - 3 cylinder engine

The transmission and gear ratios are the same, which in theory gives similar performance to the RR RS. So we’re on the sporty Semi-Ford Roadster, not in the sporty specs of the Speed ​​1200. Whatever. Small engine guard, like that Speed ​​Triple 1200 RS, Mixes materials and brings a subtle touch to the bike, completing the decisively inspired line. Do you already know MV Agusta SuperVeloce? Well, here is the English parallel, with art and style. But the price, as we have seen: 20 490 Enjoy the beauty and her equipment. Tell me, Mr. Triumph, can you consider such a beautiful and accessible version? That is, the investment is visible because the equipment provided does not lend itself to criticism. Even creative. Let’s try anyway.

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Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - Fork Crown
Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - Carbon Fork Crown
Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - Top Trigger Protection

Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - Öhlins Shock Absorber

The speed triple magnifies the entire fork crown attached to the frame, which is similar to the RS. The most beautiful rear shock absorber, which offers the same ride of 120mm, adjusts the control from the intermediate unit or handlebar, freeing the field of view. Very low (- 135mm), advanced (+50mm) compared to the Roadster version, the bracelets are associated with higher (+15mm) and more rear (+26mm) footrests to keep the body in one place. Game mode. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. Sometimes we can forget …

Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - Driving Position Triangle

Come on, if we have to find a small flaw, we can say that the windshields are actually foldable, which is annoying when moving between a flood of stationary cars. The adjustment is very serious, the aesthetics worked particularly well, and the vision is more than perfect. On the other hand, you can easily fix the adjusted glass on a ball joint.

TRiumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - Rearview Glass

What about comfort? The back is very high and there are no complaints about the seat: the seat, always placed at 830mm and higher, is pleasant in shape and support. However, placing the hands on the wrists reveals a certain compactness, while the wrists allow for support that is initially pronounced. They quickly resist before adapting and getting used to. In the city, we have to deal with it, especially since they are so wide that they provide significant foreign exchange. On the road and the track, we see that their effect is completely different.

Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - Driver Seat Passenger Seat Cowl

The 15.5-liter tank looks strong and thin, while the burgundy color of our model brings pleasant lines that look like strokes. Its erotic curves, in which the legs are naturally recorded, allow the RR to guide at its convenience. Currently, of course, he is forgotten and admired. Super …

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Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - 15.5 liter tank

And what about beauty, what about the cockpit? Thin, bases and counter surround, bubble support, carbon blend of bubble-fitted polycarbonate, reveals sport and lightness. What’s worse is that the animations are not too fluid when one’s requested menus appear / disappear from the joystick attached to the left shaft or the home button on the right shaft. Especially when you want to play with engine modes or assisted behavior. Backlit controls and best effect on the outfit.

Essay Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR - Block Instrumentation
Irregular. The basic view is concise. Distance traveled, no indication of dark and black / red atmosphere.

Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - TFT Speedometer
From the menu. With the exception of shortcuts, it is possible to work deeper on the operating parameters of the RR.

Basically, 5 rules govern Speed ​​Triple RR: Rain, Road, Sports, Track And User. The modes by which we can intervene individually by responding to the throttle (3 stages) are therefore more or less rapid distribution of power, the intervention level of the ABS (2 modes), traction control (5 stages including complete deactivation) or even suspension adjustment: 2 default modes and dynamic mode and Possibility to play rebound and rebound, manual and machine with pre-pressurized rest at fork level. The “caps” of the electronic adjustment can be easily removed to facilitate access. Complex, yes, but most of us have visual simplifications that represent trends.

In fact, the obligation to enable / disable options for accessing parameters multiplication, visual shortcuts, or advanced customization prevents quick understanding and clear access to data. On the other hand, we will be notified immediately in the dashboard about the selected system. You can change the engine mode while driving (then turn off the throttle), but you may not be able to enter certain settings if you are not at full stop. On the other hand, the left shaft joystick is not always easy to handle (especially support), and it can sometimes be difficult to start the motorcycle due to the sluggishness of the starting line, especially between pressing the control and starting the tool. And everything requires order and patience … The Keeles starting system centralizes the functions for locking the steering wheel when starting and opening the fuel flap. At BMW, this functionality is not always standard. In fact, the Speed ​​RR puts “options” on top of the production bike, leaving only the optional parts list or indicators, safety, and more to customize the look.

Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - Left shaft
Essai Speed ​​Triple RR 1200 - Facility

Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - Behavior Adjustment

In all possible adjustments, consider not only the electronic but also the spacing of the primo levers. The more advanced master cylinder also offers the option of adjusting the braking force equivalent to a PR 19-21, 19, 20 or 21 axis (by adjusting the angle of the attack pressure piston). The sense of manipulation and levers and the force exerted are impeccable … very simply.

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Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Test - Brembo Brake Master Cylinder

Is all this really needed? Bye…