June 22, 2024


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Turning an English bus into a small house is a completely crazy idea for a French family

Turning an English bus into a small house is a completely crazy idea for a French family

Everyone has their own dreams. While many families have the ambition of living in larger homes, others have very different plans. Maurat and Anne, who live in the south of France, have been trying to turn the English bus into a mini house for a year. In a recent interview with Pruitt, the couple believed in this crazy idea they started. ” It was an accident on an advertising site, one evening, in bed, with my wife, on the bus looking for container ads, other weird houses. 1:30 pm from our home. We said to ourselves: ‘It’s not too far, 1:30, we’re going to see him, please bring him back’. He is here today “.

Since then, they have been working on transforming themselves and will not hesitate to share their experience on social networks. Former hip-hop dancer, father is now a construction professional. 10 years ago, he would never have thought he could get down to a project like this. A plan ” Family “It aims to teach the couple’s children.” To live simply, one must accept this philosophy “. A” Education Noor and Isaac seem to be pleased.

It is planned to install in 2023

Currently, the bus is still under construction. The family hopes to be able to settle on this 50 m² by 2023. A little crazy idea that convinced internet users though. ” What a beautiful family, what an exceptional project! Can’t wait to see the end! “, One of them was written under Brut’s statement.” Dream. Cheer “,” Well, that’s amazing! “,” I like their determination and their mood “,” Happiness is far from the harmony that the system and the matrix continue to sell us … Minimalism is far from clichேs. You are right, we are entering a new world, a new era, and it is a great experience. I wish a lot of happiness to your beautiful little family! “, We can read specifically. An ambitious project!

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