June 28, 2022


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Wordle: This is the best word to start all your games

A researcher has published a lengthy analysis of the English language to determine which word is best for starting Wordley games.

It’s a word you do not know, but it will become a favorite of yours. Yes You too have gone mad Word, You know how important the first word you play is. In order to eliminate most possibilities at the beginning of the game, you should try to keep as many vowels as possible for both of you, along with some commonly used consonants. David Sidhu, a research partner University of English UCLPublished in The Conversation, January 31, 2022 Long analysis of the English language In order to discover this famous miracle word, he succeeded.

Word A free game that works just like Modus: you have 6 moves to guess the 5-letter word. The more addictive, the faster it attracted players, Today there are more than 2 million Find their word every day. Word It has become an event in a few weeks, the latter Now purchased by the New York Times. That’s it.

The original game is in English, and the popular word dedicated to this article only works in this version. However, there are French versions Word, But you need to find the best word to start for them (do not hesitate to send it to us if you make this important discovery). Waiting, You can play Word Here.

Wordley has become my obsession. // Source: Numeroma

Which is the best word to start the game Word ?

The suspense lasted a long time: the word named after David Sidhu was the best to begin with Word There is. ” Rising Do not panic if you do not know this English word. By searching on Google Translate, it is very rarely used. Rising Meaning The sun In the Roman language.

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Thanks Google, I imagine … // Source: Google

You should go to the Collins Dictionary Find that Rising A word not used to name a young hawk. Tell you an idea, Rising It has been rarely used since 1795. When you say it is an old word

How did David Sidhu invent the word, especially outdated and little known? By doing math. Basically the analyst A study of 62,000 words in the English language And these words indicate how well the general public knew. He kept in these terms only 5 letters known by at least 50% of English speakers, and then counted how many times each letter of the alphabet appeared in these words.

Surprisingly, the letter “e” is the most commonly used of the 43% of words read by David Sidhu. The next “a” is associated with 39% of words, “r”, 34%, “o” 29%, and “i” and “s” 28%. From there, David played with the sequence of letters. Another word with all these letters, ” Sprays “(Standing or occurring depending on the context, author’s note) is an interesting candidate, but he writes that these letters do not have to be in perfect condition. It was only when looking for other ways that he caught my eye. RisingOur famous young hawk.

The question you now ask yourself is: Does it really work? I risked my life for you too and tried to start my phase Word that day. I accidentally helped clear, it made things better, but the result is still interesting: I found mine Word In two scenes.